Friday, August 29, 2008

How to Create a Flash Motion Tween

Hey All,

This is a tutorial how to create a flash motion tween. This is how you would use Flash Tools to automate animation of an image. I am going to demonstrate how I was able to create a Flash Transition for my portal page, to my other sites. The final result is at

There are a few ways to achieve this Flash Animation effect. I my self did a few rounds of attempts to get this working exactly the way I wanted it to work.

My first attempt I did some custom animation by creating 10 keyframes in succession of each other, and in each keyframe the image moved a little bit.

This worked, but it was not as smooth as I would have liked it to be, and I knew that there was a simpler way to create a simple flash animation like this. VIEW THE FIRST ATTEMPT HERE.

This looks sloppy and keeps repeating, but not bad for a first attempt.

My second attempt I was able to create a Flash Motion Tween that created a really simple nice animation effect, that worked beautifully. All I had to do was create the first position and the last position that I wanted to image to look like, and then create the Motion Tween that creates all of the other frame movements.

This created a much smoother transition than the previous attempt, VIEW SECOND ATTEMPT HERE.

For my third attempt I lengthened the flash transition effect so that it gives a longer view of the animation. I felt that this would give the user a stronger feel that they are actually entering the page, and actually entering the building. VIEW THIRD ATTEMPT HERE.

This one is not only slower but also links to The Teen Zone. Which is the page that it should automatically go to after it displays the flash transition.

Then the final result can be viewed here for any of the buildings with a preview,

I used these resources to learn how to do this in flash:
Basics of Flash Animation

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

~ Tek-Min-Now

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How to Fix 800 Width Browsing Issue on the EEE PC 700

I was stumbling upon sites, and I came across this great blog called Tweak3d I started reading through some of there articles, and then I came across this EEE PC article. I own and use a EEE PC so I was naturally curious as to what they had to say about my little laptop. (I have the 700, lowest version)

The article read - How to Efficiently use an 800x480 eee pc, like the one I own. They recommend using Opera for web-browsing since Opera has a Fit to Screen option, that will allow web-sites bigger than 800 pixels to fit to the screen, eliminating the need to scroll left and right!

I was astounded by this so first I am like ok I have the linux eee pc, how do I install Opera on it?

Install Directions Here

I am working on getting it to work now...I will tell you all what happens..

I got it to work!! It is awesome because you can not only fit to screen, you can also set it so that it is viewing the page at 90% or 80% of the total screen, so it will actually shrink to fit, and you won't have those scroll bars any more!!

This is how I installed Opera on my Linux EEE PC 700:

1. Download from - Download Here - Select the "Debian" then "Debian 4.0 (Etch)" and download this one to your EEE PC

2. Figure out where it is saved on your system, probably in cd /home/user/My Documents

3. Open a command prompt (press CTRL + ALT + T) and navigate to the folder with the file

Here are some simple command line commands:
  • dir - list all files in the folder I am currently looking in
  • cd - change what folder I am currently in
  • cd home - go to the home folder
  • cd home/user/My Documents - go to the home/user/My Documents folder
  • sudo dpkg -i [filename] - installs the file on your system
4. Once you are in the folder with the Opera file in it, by typing dir and you see the file in the folder. Type in "sudo dpkg -i opera_your_version" which is probably going to be this:
"sudo dpkg -i opera_9.51.2061.gcc4.qt3_i386.deb"

5. Once it installs type in "Opera" in a command line, you will get a disclaimer pop-up, press Enter to accept it, and Opera will launch!

Any questions?

~ Tek-Min-Now Team

Saturday, August 16, 2008

iPhone Dropping Calls on 3G Network

As many of you know the iPhone recently released a new phone on the faster 3G Network, while this is great, for downloads, web-browsing, email, and other web features, this seems to have had a negative effect on the most important part of having a cell phone, actually making phone calls!

Read the story

What do you guys think? iPhone sucks right?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hackers Steal 40 Million Credit Cards

A network of hackers have been able to successfully deploy a number of keyboard catching sniffers that automatically tell them what credit card numbers are being scanned into the computers. These hackers have stolen credit cards from many of the largest public retail stores in the United States!

TJX Companies of;
  • Marshall's
  • T. J. Maxx
  • BJ's Wholesale Club
  • OfficeMax
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Sports Authority
  • and others!
From the CNN Article:
"Under the indictments, three Miami, Florida, men -- Albert "Segvec" Gonzalez, Christopher Scott and Damon Patrick Toey -- are accused of hacking into the wireless computer networks of retailers including TJX Companies, whose stores include Marshall's and T.J. Maxx, BJ's Wholesale Club, OfficeMax, Barnes and Noble and Sports Authority, among others.

The three men installed "sniffer" programs designed to capture credit card numbers, passwords and account information as they moved through the retailers' card processing networks, said Michael Sullivan, the U.S. attorney in Boston."

Hackers Steal 40 Million Credit Cards

This is why all routers NEED to have a SECURE network! Especially if you are a retail store, these guys drive around and find open un-secure networks, that can almost automatically be connected to from nearly any laptop, or cell phone, then the software can easily be installed on the router once they are in. It is very easy for ANY store or ANY router to get hacked, make sure to turn on a WEP Password on your router to ensure it is not being hacked.

Tek-Min-Now Team

Prepare for World War III - Internet Attacks and Hacks

As some of you may or may not know that we are under constant attack, even today, millions of US web-sites are being attacked and taken down by Chinese and Russian forces that have a slightly more sophisticated cutting edge attacks on our web-sites.

Chinese and Russian hackers have successfully stolen hundreds of Credit Card, Social Security, Debit Card, and PIN numbers. "On his arrest Biltse was reportedly found with $800,000 in cash at his home, so the final total may be much higher. Early documents filed by the FBI suggest that the heist was managed by a leader in Russia, who supplied the information and took 70 per cent of the proceeds." Read the Article

They have the knowledge and know how, and now the Russian are using there superior hacking skills in Real World War fare by hacking the Georgian Internet grid and taking down there defense systems. Read the Article

Who is next for the Russians to Attack? Western Europe? Are they trying to take over the world again? Another Cold War, but it is now the Internet War? Who is next Germany? Italy? Turkey? America? We can not even compare with the technology these Russians are using, we need to up ALL OF OUR SYSTEMS, even HOME SYSTEMS, YOUR SYSTEM! Read the Article

Russian hackers can use your system to not only steal your information, but hack other sites via your computer! So NEVER leave your computer on!

This is how they are attacking us, this blog goes through all of the most common attack types:
How they hack your website overview of common techniques

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Top 10 Ways Internet Users Get a Virus Or Get Hacked

Top 10 Ways Internet Users Get a Virus Or Get Hacked:
  1. DO NOT TYPE IN DIRECT SITE URLS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THEM. ( instead of Fandango)Use a SEARCH ENGINE ( to find sites, and then bookmark safe sites to view them again.
  2. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FROM A NON-TRUSTED SITE, Example: Trying to watch a movie from not a trusted site (YouTube is trusted) and the site asks to download something to view the movie. IF ASKED TO DOWNLOAD SOMETHING TO VIEW A MOVIE, IT IS 100% A VIRUS! .
  3. DO NOT DOWNLOAD A TOOLBARS FROM UN-TRUSTED SITES. This will install ad aware that will monitor your site traffic, and report it to someone, who will sell it to advertising companies, and they will spam you.
  4. IF NOT SURE ABOUT A SITE CHECK WITH GOOGLE PAGERANK, and download the Google Toolbar for Firefox and turn on the Google PageRank feature, this is Google's very own ranking system of EVERY site that exists, it is based on 1 to 10, 10 being the best, 1 being a new or not highly recommended site. Most sites with viruses do not even have a page rank, they will show up with 0 or not ranked. DO NOT USE THESE SITES, they have VIRUSES. (Yes Google will monitor your behavior with this tool bar on, but it is worth it, because Google is a huge multimillion dollar company, that is not going to abuse your information, or they would get sued)
  5. ALWAYS TURN ON WINDOWS FIREWALL. Windows users need a Firewall because there are hundreds of publicly known back doors into the system, that you need to make sure you have all of the ports to your computer being monitored, or else some one could be stealing your passwords and other sensitive information. I recommend downloading the Zone Alarm Free Firewall, and keep it up to date, every day.
  6. DOWNLOAD A GOOD ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM. For any computer you need to have an Anti-Virus program up and running at all times, if you are browsing the web, or checking email you have a very HIGH chance of coming across a virus, with out you even being told. I recommend downloading AVG Free, and keep it up to day, every day, and do full scans of all hard drives everyday. Also keep on auto-scan to have all files you are opening currently are automatically scanned for viruses before they are opened.
  7. DO NOT OPEN EMAILS from UN-KNOWN sources. Email is the most common #1 spread of viruses on the Internet. These viruses will infect your computer, and then automatically email every one in your address book the virus, and it spreads from there. Make sure to never open emails from people you do not know, and make sure to never automatically view pictures in emails. Pictures in emails is usually how a virus is automatically downloaded and installed to your computer, via the picture.
  8. DO NOT SAVE PASSWORDS ON PUBLIC OR WORK COMPUTERS. These computers are not only monitored by a system admin, but also can be used by other users in the future, these other users could not only access your account, but change your password, locking you out. Or even worse they could delete your account.
  9. DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR MORE THAN ONE SITE. If a hacker finds out one of your passwords, and sees that you have other accounts on other service sites, then they have access to those sites as well. For example having an email account user name PaulK password PaulK123, and then have a Youtube, or Facebook, or Myspace account with that same user name and password, then you are at risk. Change all your passwords to be unique for each site.
  10. ALWAYS LOG OUT OF THE SITE ONCE YOU ARE DONE USING IT. If you sign in to your email and do not sign out of it, then anyone that goes on that computer can go to your email site and not need to log in, since you never logged out. This could occur either by some one physically goes on the computer, or if someone finds a backdoor way to access your computer via the Internet, they could open the web-browser and have full access to your private emails, or any account that you forgot to log out, or sign out of.
Other Top 10 Ways to Get Avoid Getting Viruses:
Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Viruses
Top 10 Tips Keep Computer Virus Free
10 Smart Ways to Protect Your Computer against Viruses

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trolls (hackers) Among Us = Scum of the Internet

These are the people the ruin the internet, fill it with spam, make it un-safe to watch videos, find defects with web-browsers, flash, and exploit it for there own gains:

These are the people that have access to ALL of our Social Security Numbers!
These are the people that STEAL our IDENTITY, and get away with it!
These are the people that can ruin a persons financial life!
These are the people that destroy people's lifes!
These are the people that poke fun at a dead fish!
These are the people that make people want to kill them selves!
These are the sick twisted individuals that harass people for the pure enjoyment of seeing them get upset!
These are the people that run the under ground internet world of illegal downloads, and extremelly personal information, Socials, Credit Card Numbers, Addresses, Cell Phone Numbers, anything and everything!
These are the people that post blogs about people that kill them selves.
These are the people that steal your money!
These are the people that create bad fake web-sites!
These are the people that spam your mail box!
These are the people that RUIN the WEB!

These people are sick and twisted individuals!

Read more about them -

Great COVER STORY from New York Times!

These are the people are considered to be extremely dangerous and are ruining the internet.