Friday, August 15, 2008

Prepare for World War III - Internet Attacks and Hacks

As some of you may or may not know that we are under constant attack, even today, millions of US web-sites are being attacked and taken down by Chinese and Russian forces that have a slightly more sophisticated cutting edge attacks on our web-sites.

Chinese and Russian hackers have successfully stolen hundreds of Credit Card, Social Security, Debit Card, and PIN numbers. "On his arrest Biltse was reportedly found with $800,000 in cash at his home, so the final total may be much higher. Early documents filed by the FBI suggest that the heist was managed by a leader in Russia, who supplied the information and took 70 per cent of the proceeds." Read the Article

They have the knowledge and know how, and now the Russian are using there superior hacking skills in Real World War fare by hacking the Georgian Internet grid and taking down there defense systems. Read the Article

Who is next for the Russians to Attack? Western Europe? Are they trying to take over the world again? Another Cold War, but it is now the Internet War? Who is next Germany? Italy? Turkey? America? We can not even compare with the technology these Russians are using, we need to up ALL OF OUR SYSTEMS, even HOME SYSTEMS, YOUR SYSTEM! Read the Article

Russian hackers can use your system to not only steal your information, but hack other sites via your computer! So NEVER leave your computer on!

This is how they are attacking us, this blog goes through all of the most common attack types:
How they hack your website overview of common techniques


Alexander M Zoltai said...

Very informative.

If we know how they do it, why can't we take measures (even though I'm aware it's never ending since they come up with ne ways...) and fight back?

~ Alex

The Long Islander said...

yes, we are trying to take the necessary precations wherever possible, but it is nearly impossible with internet sessions getting hacked, and the level of sophistication of the viruses, trojans, fishers, etc. that hackers use is increasingly getting MORE powerful, just make sure to keep your PC off, and you will be helping alot..