Thursday, October 8, 2009

BitTorrent + IsoHunt = Download any Movie, TV Show, Music CDs


Here's a simple easy way to download any Movie, TV Show, CD, or anything.

STEP 1 - Download and Install BitTorrent, it allows you to download anything.
Download BitTorrent after you download it, Run Setup and install the basic setup.

STEP 2 - Go to this site has a database of torrents, with virtually any Movie, TV Show, CD ever made! So SEARCH for anything. Example: "Home Alone" or "Seinfeld Seasons"

STEP 3 - Click on S for Seeds, which stands for the number of people that are sharing the file for people to download. The more Seeds the Quicker the Download will go, and the more likely it is a Safe File.

WARNING: Some of these files maybe viruses, so you should only download 1 or 2 at a time, and have a virus application like AVG (link) installed to make sure it is NOT a Virus.

STEP 4 - Download the Torrent for the file you want it will download quickly as it is only a torrent file.

STEP 5 - BitTorrent should automatically open the Torrent file and ask you what Folder you want to save the movie file you want to download from the net.

STEP 6 - Let BitTorrent download the file but DO NOT SHARE the file, as that would be Illegal, it is however Legal to Download a file.

STEP 7 - Once you have downloaded the file (may take a few hours depending on the size of the file, usually movies take a few hours) Immediately Close BitTorrent, check to see if it stays open in the Lower Right Hand corner with the Green Square, Right-click it and Exit it.

STEP 8 - Then go to the Folder you downloaded the file to and double click the file to run it. If it doesn't run or play correctly with Windows Media Player you may need to Download VLC (link)

STEP 9 - VLC will allow you to watch any movie in any format that you may have downloaded from BitTorrent. So try the movie with VLC, if it does not play in VLC and it doesn't work, immediately Delete the file as it may be a Virus or other Malicious file.

And that's it...simple as 1,2,3.

If you do happen to download a Virus I would recommend having a copy of AVG running so that it will scan the file before you run the Movie File, and if you do get Infected with a Virus, then Download Anti-Malware Bytes

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rocket Dock - Turn your Windows machine into a Mac

Check out this application for Windows called Rocket Dock, it creates a simple Mac like interface for the desktop, and is 100% customizable, try it out, customize it, and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Google Chrome, Quite Possibly the Best Browser Ever


If you haven't already downloaded and installed Google Chrome, well then sir, you are not TOO LATE! It is still free! DOWNLOAD NOW

This is by far the quickest, smartest, safest, best browser on the market today. It handles multiple javascript calls perfectly, with multiple tabs, elated with music, videos, with little to no slow downs, def. a step up from Firefox.

I recommend the Beta Version, its quicker but may crash, but your helping Google make the browser better when you get it to crash, go ahead, just TRY! DOWNLOAD NOW

Great job developing this Google, you guys sees to amaze me.

If you don't believe me, read this