Sunday, February 22, 2009

How I Fixed My Internet Connection


So I have been having a terrible time with my Windows XP computer, and I could not figure out why my internet was still crapping out on me.

I had:
- run AVG and scan removed all viruses
- run Spy-Bot Search and Destroy remove all spyware
- run Anti-Malware to remove all malware
- formatted my hard drive
- reinstalled Windows from scratch

and still a crappy internet connection plagued me, what to do?

I finally shelled out some cash and bought a Netgear RangeMax Wireless PCI Network Card.

After some trials and tribulations, I installed the software, then put the PCI card into my system, and got an interenet connection, yay! but it was still bad, DOH!

So after all that, what could be my problem, I started playing with the software that came with the Network Card, and it tells you every second what is your current connection speed to the internet, and I noticed something ODD.

When my computer was in it's usual position, it would get about 10 to 20 mbs and that is a really slow connection, a good connection is 48 to 56 mbs.

But when I moved my PC away from my wall and straightened out the antenna, just moving the antenna on the back of my pc around, trying to see where the connection jumps, to 56 mbs, I was able to FINALLY ESTABLISH A STRONG INTERNET CONNECTION!!


Only took me a few months to get it right, just goes to show you, it's not ALWAYS a virus...

~ Tek-Min-Now

if you have any questions, feel free to comment, or contact me