Sunday, August 17, 2008

How to Fix 800 Width Browsing Issue on the EEE PC 700

I was stumbling upon sites, and I came across this great blog called Tweak3d I started reading through some of there articles, and then I came across this EEE PC article. I own and use a EEE PC so I was naturally curious as to what they had to say about my little laptop. (I have the 700, lowest version)

The article read - How to Efficiently use an 800x480 eee pc, like the one I own. They recommend using Opera for web-browsing since Opera has a Fit to Screen option, that will allow web-sites bigger than 800 pixels to fit to the screen, eliminating the need to scroll left and right!

I was astounded by this so first I am like ok I have the linux eee pc, how do I install Opera on it?

Install Directions Here

I am working on getting it to work now...I will tell you all what happens..

I got it to work!! It is awesome because you can not only fit to screen, you can also set it so that it is viewing the page at 90% or 80% of the total screen, so it will actually shrink to fit, and you won't have those scroll bars any more!!

This is how I installed Opera on my Linux EEE PC 700:

1. Download from - Download Here - Select the "Debian" then "Debian 4.0 (Etch)" and download this one to your EEE PC

2. Figure out where it is saved on your system, probably in cd /home/user/My Documents

3. Open a command prompt (press CTRL + ALT + T) and navigate to the folder with the file

Here are some simple command line commands:
  • dir - list all files in the folder I am currently looking in
  • cd - change what folder I am currently in
  • cd home - go to the home folder
  • cd home/user/My Documents - go to the home/user/My Documents folder
  • sudo dpkg -i [filename] - installs the file on your system
4. Once you are in the folder with the Opera file in it, by typing dir and you see the file in the folder. Type in "sudo dpkg -i opera_your_version" which is probably going to be this:
"sudo dpkg -i opera_9.51.2061.gcc4.qt3_i386.deb"

5. Once it installs type in "Opera" in a command line, you will get a disclaimer pop-up, press Enter to accept it, and Opera will launch!

Any questions?

~ Tek-Min-Now Team


Anonymous said...

wow that seems like an awesome computer ! is it hard to type though? and can u get skins for it?

The Long Islander said...

pc here -
but i got mine at target.

no it isn't that hard to type you get used to it after awhile i can type at 50 world per minute on it or tricky part is the shift on the right side, but you get used to it after 2-3 weeks, or less.

also yes you can buy skins, i just bought this one from this site -

pretty cool!