Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top 10 Gripes with Google's Chrome Browser

1. No "Super Scroll" (I am coining the term) middle button for quick scrolling on a long page.

Firefox Example:

2. Asks Stupid Questions "Are you sure you want to leave this page?"

I just deleted a web-part on my blog, this is over kill, no need to ask if I am sure I want to leave the page, and Firefox doesn't ask...

3. Does not search text in text field boxes - for blogger web editing search

I was trying to find a segment of code on my blogger page and I was using the built in search functionality in Chrome, but apparently it DOES NOT search in the text field box where all of the code for the page is, so I had to copy and paste the code into Notebook and do my editing there...I(Firefox does search in the text field boxes)

4. Bookmarks Tab? Could it be any uglier!

I really love the "Other bookmarks" section, NOT! All the way on the far right? Why would they put this on the right side and not the left side? (since they pop up to the left, and since everyone in America reads left to right, not right to left..) No customization of where these lay, I wish they would add a customization that would allow to have a Bookmarks button that would be next to the back and fowrad and reload buttons, so that it wouldn't make the navigation bar at the top bigger...

5. RSS Tab? Where are all my RSS blogs?

I seem to have lost all of my RSS feeds that I was watching on Firefox. It did successfully import all of my bookmarks and saved passwords, but where are my RSS feeds?

6. Annoying Status Bar


The status bar in Google Chrome pops-up in the lower left hand corner whenever something is loading is very annoying and can be distracting to the eye. I automatically look to see what is popping up on my screen and realize it is just telling me something is loading, I think they should make it a bar across like in Firefox...this seems odd to me to just display it...

7. Stole Firefox Position on my Windows Start Menu Applications

I downloaded and installed Chrome, and loaded it up and started playing around with it. I realized alot of it seems to work the same as Firefox, if not a little bit worse. So I wanted to go back to Firefox, I goto my Windows Start Menu and it is GONE! Instead of Firefox the Google Chrome application is in it's place! I'm like whoah! This thing is trying to take over! So I added Firefox back in..(right click, pin to start menu)

8. The Web-Site Title is Cut Off

As you can see the Title is cut off because the browser window tabs are at the top of the page, where the Title of the page is displayed. So the only way to see the full title is to hover the mouse over the tab and the entire title will display as you can see in the image above.

9. No Customization of Navigation Bar Icons

One of my favorite parts of Firefox is you can drag and drop all of there icons on the start menu, with Google's Chrome, they do not offer this functionality. The only option the user has is to display the Homepage Icon or not to display the Homepage icon...annoying.

10. Does not Prevent Cross Site Scripting

Google claims this browser will prevent against Cross Site Scripting, which allows hackers to gain access to your account through opening hidden windows on a users computer, and editing the users profile on there computer, in the background with out the user's knowledge. Although when I am logged in on Gmail with one account, and login to Blogger (owned by Gmail) it automatically signs me into Blogger with the Gmail account...not good!


Those are my Top 10 Gripes, Complaints, or just plain Issues with Google's new Web-Browser Chrome. Overall it is a great little browser, it is fast, and light. It works well with google's applications probably a second faster at loading Gmail and other Google Apps. Although these issues as well as some freezing occurs, when loading Flash Animations and goto a new page...

I have had some issues with Flash Animations freezing as well as some fun apps I use slowing down the browser to a crawl, only time it crashed it when I had 3 Chrome windows open, one loading flash, one playing music, and one on Meebo, then the one loading the Flash crashed...I guess they may still have some issues with Flash Animations...

What do you guys think?

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Anonymous said...

I think you're a moron.

The vast majority of what you have complained about is not even a Chrome issue.

It is Gmail that asks if you want to leave the page, in case you lose the message you were typing.

The status bar is removed because it saves space that is used stupidly in all browsers.
It is very intelligent of them to only bring up a tooltip when you are actually loading a page, or hovering over an anchor.

Most people are quite content with the way Chrome looks, and what icons it has.
It strives for simplicity, and since it looks beautiful by default, it doesn't need to extra bloat just so some 'power users' can fiddle with the icons, decide they were better the way they were, then put them back again.

'Autoscrolling' as it is known by Mozilla is missing from Chrome. I too find it harder to navigate without this feature. It would be wise for them to implement it, and they most likely will.

It didn't 'steal' Firefox's position on my start menu. It's easy to change it anyway so it's a non-event.

The titles of those websites are unreasonably long. I would expect them to be clipped.

All in all, I find your post to be somewhat petty, biased and uneducated in some sections.

The Long Islander said...

"since it looks beautiful by default" - from comment above

sounds like you and chrome should skip the engagement and just run away to las vegas together and just get married!!!

hope you too kids have fun! with all of chromes un-usable features and un-natural settings, hope you too make a cute couple!

you are probably just as akword as chrome is!


omgg you like LOVE chrome wayy to much!!! said...

hahahahah wow whoever left that comment about chrome you MUSTT be a LOSER!! are you kidding!?!?!? like you have nothing better to do? haha lossssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chrome isn't so bad.

I still find myself using Firefox, but personally, I find Chrome's interface more useful to me.

I like minimalist interfaces and I have not found Chrome to be impeding my work.

The only issue that really annoys me is the scrolling bug. I can only scroll downwards(and in 50% chunks of the page at that!).
There is also no middle mouse click scrolling, which I have grown accustomed to with Firefox and IE.

Even Opera has it, but I find it more clumsy than the other implementations.

Anonymous said...

ive never used chrome but u all need to get a life..hahah..whats with all the comments about what the first guy commented? its HIS opinion..isnt that what a blog is for? and i don't think the blog is totally idiotic, it's just the writer's opinion!!

Anonymous said...

whats with the 3rd commenters typing...learn how to tyyppppeeeee!!! LOSA

Anonymous said...

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