Monday, September 1, 2008

Google's New Web Browser, Chrome!

This could be the answer to my prayers of a truly efficient, secure, quick, easy, and smart web-browser that will set new guidelines and help unite the standards of the web once and for all, so all browsers can work the same.

Read this comic book from the Inventors of Chrome

Google is stated to have made this browser quicker, easier to use, better javascript handling, and more secure! Sounds like a home run to me, up-front congratulations to Google.

Plus they have a pretty cool logo for it:

Read more specs on Wikipedia

This is releasing on Tuesday September 2nd 2008, can not wait to test it out!

Fresh take on the browser from Google's Official Blog

It is now available to download the beta version.

To Fun and Safe Surfing,

~ Tek-Min-Now Team

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