Monday, July 28, 2008

Future Cars, Wind Power, World Adapts to Gas Prices

As the continual increase in Gas Prices soars through the roof, the average American is hit pretty hard when it comes to the pumps.
Filling up on average of 2 times a week at $60 a fill up, that is $120 a week! This is completely un-acceptable to most people, considering that this is about how much people make in a week!

The future of cars is in electric power, so far there have been some concept cars that have been built with this now idea of electric cars, the Chevy Volt (wiki link), or the Tesla Roadster (wiki link). Now what makes these two vehicles a million times better than any hybrid we see today, is that they all have over 100 mpg. This is accomplished in the Volt for example, by running the car off an electric Lithium Iron battery, that is commonly used in Cellphones, and Laptops, but a much bigger version, big enough to run an engine.

Chevy Volt

Tesla Roadster

This battery will last for 40 miles with out any charging required, no gas either. Once the car hits over 40 miles, then a small gas generator turns on that generates the battery, so the battery will never die as long as it has some gas in the generator, then the car is expected to go approximately 200 miles per a gallon! That is four times the amount of miles even the best hybrid gets today, about 50 miles per a gallon.

The Chevy Volt is scheduled to be in production in 2010, with models out

in 2011, costing any where from $30,000 to $40,000 new. I believe this vehicle is going to change the face of the planet, from over heating to a safe, secure, renewable energy source for transportation.

Some of you may be wondering, well won't that just increase the cost of my electric bill, I already pay a lot on that, it is just exchanging one source for another. NOT TRUE! This is a SAFE, RENEWABLE, source of energy, electricity. Electricity can easily be generated by wind power, from huge wind powered generators. America simply needs to build X number of these wind generators until we are completely power sufficient, and simply rely most of our electrical energy on wind power. This is going to greatly change the face of the oil tycoon game, and allow of other players to come into power.

Wind Turbines: (wiki link)

The new world in 5 to 10 years will be a green planet, filled with cities, countries that are all energy sufficient, the new modernization of the world is going green! The new cars will be charged from cheap electricity that can be generated by building massic wind turbines, these turbines will generate more than enough energy to run our cars. Or we can all have solar panels installed on our houses, cars, fields, etc, to generate even more power. If we have a surplus of power being generated then we can even sell the excess of power being generated to other countries for a pure clean, green, profit!

This is the future of the world, I can not wait for 5 years from now!

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