Saturday, May 31, 2008

Firefox 3 - The Best Browser Ever?

I had heard good things about Firefox 3, even in the beta version, people said it ran pages faster, more secure, and has some cool new ease of use features as well that were added on to this version. I was a little skeptical at first and usually do not like to download beta versions of software, because they can potentially ruin a computer in great condition, to a slow condition, which no one wants. Computers should run fast and secure, and I am happy to report that Firefox 3 has truly out done themselves with this great addition to the Firefox product line.

I downloaded Firefox 3 here:

That is where you can download the beta version, the official release is coming out some time this month and once I find out when I will post it up here. I would recommend downloading this version since it is twice if not three times as fast at running regular pages, as well as web applications like gmail, and others. Also has made updates to allow for optimal secure settings automatically configured on the browser.

Last note, I recommend downloading this today, and then once the official version is released I am sure they will automatically update users that have this version with the new one.

Happy Computing,

The Tek-Min-Now Team

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