Thursday, November 27, 2008

Windows XP Service Pack 3 - Firewall Updates

Hey All,

Just wanted to give a general Windows Security Update, as to my current preferences of Security, as well as what melo-drama I have been going through the past month with my internet connection, and lack there of it.

Before installing Service Pack 3 I had Zone Alarm Firewall on my computer, and then decided to upgrade to a different firewall called Sygate Personal Firewall recommended by a co-worker. I tried it out and was impressed, really gave a better set of controls for my personal firewall.

Then I installed Windows Service Pack 3 which as a slew of Security Updates, including update the Firewall, and overall making it more difficult for hackers to take over your computer, and have infectious viruses spreading across your home or work networks. Which is definitely a good thing, but some people are not all for it. Read this review - called Try It If You Dare

Either way my internet almost stopped working when i had the Sygate Personal Firewall on and after downloading and installing Service Pack 3, so my logical thinking is that perhaps these two security programs are tripping each other up, and preventing me from enjoying my internet.

So I decided to not have Sygate start-up automatically when my computer starts, and low and behold my internet is moving 3 times as fast as it was before! Thank God! Haha.

Lesson learned, there is such a thing as too much security!

So now I am currently running my machine using Windows Firewall, and AVG with weekly scans and updates on. That has been the optimal settings for me, what are your security settings?

Tek-Min-Now Team


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photoshop Freebies - Site of the Week

Hey All,

I have decided to feature a new site I just found called Photoshop Freebies. I have learned an extensive amount of knowledge about Photoshop and how to use this program, and others like it to help create a truly original, 100% unique images.

Check it out!

~Tek-Min-Now Team